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My User Guide

Dear teachers,

Since August 2003, our team has been very busy developing the teaching resource website The site is chock full of modules on literacy and numeracy, as well as modules on how to prevent allergic reactions and promote daily physical activity in the classroom. We invite you to visit it regularly, as new tools and modules will continually be added.

Over 60 experts from TFO and the Ministry of Education helped design and develop the modules: experts in content, instructional design, Web programming, video production, graphic design and project management. TFO teams worked closely with students and teaching staff in schools across Ontario, filming over 200 video clips.

A number of teachers and school principals have written to us, saying how useful they find the tools in their daily work. Some have also noted that a user’s guide, helping them to navigate the site and rapidly locate content, would come in very handy.
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