"To see it done and to have it modeled right there helps with teachers' comfort level."

(Kindergarten teacher)

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Running Records

Want to get the most out of oral reading sessions with your students? has the perfect tool: a module on Running Records. Based on the work of Marie M. Clay, a world-renowned authority on early ready, this module demonstrates a shorthand method for recording student reading behaviours.

Running Records features audio segments of children in Grades 1 to 3 reading texts out loud during oral reading sessions. As the texts are read, you can watch running records appear line by line on a recording sheet in real time. It might seem intimidating at first but you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get the hang of it! PDF versions of the texts and recording sheets can be printed out to help you practise administering the running records yourself.

TEach convention used in running records is clearly explained in the “Tell Me” section and supplemented with numerous exercises. If the conventions are new to you or if you want a rresher, simply print out the Summary of Conventions PDF before you start (in “Tell Me”, under Administering a running record/Conventions/Summary of conventions).

Mastering how to administer, score and analyse running records will help you identify your students’ reading strengths and weaknesses, tailor your teaching decisions, select texts at their level, and monitor their progress from beginning to silent readers. Among other things, the Student Book Graph will help you to follow your students’ individual reading progress, while the Class Book Graph can determine the most efficient grouping of students for guided reading sessions.

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What's New?

Guides to Effective Instruction

More of the Ministry’s Guides to Effective Instruction for literacy and numeracy are now available online. These valuable resources can be accessed quickly and conveniently at home or at school. Click on the Guides to Effective Instruction in the Resources section of the homepage.

Module for Parents Things have changed since the parents of today’s students when to school. The terminology and strategies used in class have evolved and many parents are at a loss as to how to help their children with their homework.

The Parent module can help parents understand the subjects being explored in the classroom as well as some of the methods used to teach their children a variety of reading, writing, and math concepts. Recommend it to parents during a parent-teacher conference or add the link to your class newsletter. This is a great way to maintain the home-school connection!

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