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Sabrina's Law is about education and prevention.
Let's act together to help protect all pupils with life-threatening allergies.
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Recognizing anaphylactic reactions
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Emergency response: Next steps

After receiving an epinephrine injection, the pupil needs immediate medical attention.

Follow the steps outlined in the individual pupil plan. These may include:
  • One person stays with the pupil.
  • Another person goes for assistance:
    • Call 911 or the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) number for your area, for an ambulance. Tell them a pupil is having an anaphylactic reaction. Provide the exact location of the emergency.
    • Call contact person (parent or guardian).
  • Go to the nearest hospital even if the symptoms are mild or have stopped. The pupil should stay at the hospital for four hours as reactions can re-occur.
  • Epinephrine is usually effective after one injection. A second dose may be administered, within 5-15 minutes, if symptoms have not improved, have worsened, or have reappeared.
  • Antihistamines and asthma medication should not be used as first line treatment for an anaphylactic reaction. They are to be considered additional or secondary medications.

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