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Sabrina's Law is about education and prevention.
Let's act together to help protect all pupils with life-threatening allergies.
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Reducing risks: Individual pupil plan

Every school principal is required to develop and keep on file an individual plan for each pupil who has a life-threatening allergy. Individual pupil plans must be consistent with Sabrina's Law and the School Board's Anaphylaxis Policy.

An individual pupil plan must include:
  1. Details of the type of allergy, monitoring and avoidance strategies as well as appropriate treatment.
  2. A readily accessible emergency procedure for the pupil, including emergency contact information.
    A sample form called Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan (PDF) may be downloaded from
  3. Storage for epinephrine auto-injectors, where necessary. Epinephrine auto-injectors should be kept in an accessible, unlocked location.

The plan should be practical and reasonable for the school environment.

Parents should be encouraged to provide a back-up epinephrine auto-injector and ensure that the medication has not expired. Both EpiPen® and Allerject offer free online expiration reminder services:

Pupils with life-threatening allergies who are asthmatic are at higher risk for a severe anaphylactic reaction. They should carry their auto-injector and their asthma medications.

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